DIPOA Monthly Meeting: Thursday, April 18, 2024, at 6pm

Candidate Bios 2021



Sally Acuff

Island Address:  114 Hernando Street
Email: mizfoo2u@aol.com

I am a full-time resident and property owner since 2007. As an RN with a degree in Public Health, I worked in the ER of a level 1 trauma center and then as a Forensic Coordinator for the State of Tennessee until retiring. I have 4 children and 2 grandchildren, Violet (6) and Leo (4), who all love to visit Dauphin Island and enjoy what the island has to offer.

I previously served four years on the Board, three of those as secretary. I served on the Property owner Parks Committee, Tennis Committee, Pool Committee, and Election Committee. I started the Volunteer Committee and have been a team member representing the POA for the Chili/Wing cookoffs. I have volunteered for beach clean-up, property owner park tree planting, Isle Dauphine beautification day, and assisting with the building of the new beach boardwalk to the Gulf. As a member of the pool committee our volunteers cleaned, power washed, and painted the pool facilities and the Cabana area.

I have served on the POA Architectural Committee for 8 years and continue to do so today.
I am a member of the Dauphin Island Women’s Club and supporter of DIHAC.

I fell in love with Dauphin Island because of its unique and quiet hometown feel. Our Isle Dauphine property is a treasure and my desire to be of service and keep it that way without major development by maintaining and sustaining what we have for all property owners, their families, and our guests to enjoy.

Christine Garcia

Island Address: 105 Spanish Court
103 Pushmataha
1701 Bienville
2638 Bienville
Email: christinegarcia1963@hotmail.com

As an owner of four properties, I would like to serve on the Dauphin Island POA Board of Directors to promote the interests of the permanent residents as well as the interests of the rental property owners.

Dauphin Island is THE small fishing village. Whether one chooses to live here permanently or vacation here regularly, the atmosphere of the Island is what draws us. Dauphin Island should remain the fishing village it is, but it requires responsible stewardship for sustainability. Development is needed to vary the tax base which funds the emergency system and the infrastructure, as well as the elementary school and parks. My number one priority is to preserve the feel of the Island while promoting and recruiting small businesses that serve the needs of the residents and visitors. I am not in favor of any chain business.

Dauphin Island is the recipient of monies to complete projects in habitat and economy. The Aloe Bay project is in the planning and development stage. It has been deemed a multi-year buildout with a $16 million grant. My concern is the money will be spent on the planning and development with very little left for the implementation.

While my history with Dauphin Island is short, my desire to be part of it is not. Originally from South Dakota, I moved to Tennessee in 2000 with my husband and children. We bought our first home on the Island in 2019, a second home and a condo in 2020, and a home in February 2021.

My experience serves this position well. STRENGTHS: Strategic planning, organizing, and directing projects and events. I was a teacher, a behavioral health specialist, and a program coordinator before taking the position of business manager in our construction company. I believe in being vested in my community and currently serve on the Henry County Healthcare Foundation Board.

Dennis Knizley

Island Address: 2304 Bienville Boulevard
Email: djknizley@hotmail.com

Watch the video below to learn more about candidate Knizley.

Our family has been fortunate to have a home on Dauphin Island for twenty-three years. We built our home in 1998. Our children have grown up on the island. Now our grandchildren are spending weekends and summer days at the island house.

We live in Mobile, and I am a lifelong resident. I have been practicing law in Mobile for 41 years. I have been on the DIPOA Board of Directors since 2014.

When I joined the Board, the golf course was closed. The Clubhouse was vacant and in considerable disrepair. The gates of the Isle Dauphine Complex had been locked in 2012, to open again in 2013. The Association was struggling financially. Those serving with me on the Board at that time found Clubhouse and golf course tenants willing to invest their own resources in Association assets to restore them to a functional status. After significant improvements to the golf course and Clubhouse, they once again became accessible to the membership for their enjoyment.

I became President in January 2017. The Association’s finances were still fragile. The DIPOA was operating at an annual deficit, absent BP claims or other one-time monetary infusions. I instituted a dues program more than doubling member dues participation, reaching $111,000 in dues contributions last year, compared to $53,000 in 2017. The dues program and the development of other new income streams resulted in a positive cash flow for the Association of $50,000 to $80,000 annually for the past three years. The DIPOA is now in sound financial condition. These resources are being reinvested to improve the pool, the owners’ parks, the Clubhouse, and other Association assets for the enjoyment of the members.

I support only limited island development and no extensive commercialization. I hope we never have the need for a traffic light on the island.

If re-elected to the Board of Directors I will continue the work that has led to the accomplishments of the last seven years.