DIPOA Monthly Meeting: Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 6pm

Candidate Bios 08-2024



Sally Acuff

Island Address: 114 Hernando Street

Email: mizfoo2u@aol.com

I am a full time resident and property owner since 2007. As an RN with a degree in Public Health, I worked in the ER of a level 1 trauma center and then as a Forensic Coordinator for the State of Tennessee until retiring. I have 4 children and 2 grandchildren who all love to visit Dauphin Island and
enjoy what the island has to offer.

I have served 7 years on the Board, 6 of those years as the POA secretary and 4 years previously volunteering for the Architectural Committee and the Election Committee for a total of almost 12 years. In the past I have also served on the Property owner Parks Committee, Election Committee, Tennis Committee, Architectural Committee, Pool Committee, and Major Events Committee where I coordinated property owner events at the Isle Dauphine. I also started the Volunteer Committee and have been a team member representing the POA in past Chili/Wing cookoffs.

I have volunteered for beach cleanup, POA parks tree planting, Isle Dauphine beautification day, and assisted with the building of the beach boardwalk to the Gulf. As a previous member of the pool committee our volunteers cleaned, power washed and painted the pool facilities and the Cabana area.

I have been a member of the Dauphin Island Women’s Club and supporter of DIHAC. I fell in love with Dauphin Island because of its unique and quiet hometown feel. Our Isle Dauphine property is a treasure, and my desire to be of service and keep it that way without major development – by maintaining and sustaining what we have for all property owners, their families and our guests to enjoy. I am available anytime for questions or a service I can provide to better serve you.

Donna Broach

Island Address: 1204 Biloxi Ave

Email: gravesdag@aol.com

I am running for the POA board to uphold the POA constitution, to make decisions in residents’ best interest, and to protect and enhance the POA properties now and in the future. I believe the board should increase revenue and profitability while being fiscally responsible.

I am a semi-retired mathematics teacher, having taught in LA, GA, AZ, DODEA in Germany, and AL. I previously worked for the LADOTD and TXDOT in road design and traffic engineering. I attended college mostly at LA TECH University, graduating with a BS in Industrial Engineering, MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, MEd in Secondary Mathematics, and AS in Culinary Arts.

My husband, Charlie, was in and out of the Middle East during the wars; he came home and googled “cheap beach property” and Dauphin Island popped up. So, we bought our house in 2005 while living at Fort Huachuca, AZ. In 2010, when my husband retired from the US Army after 38 years, we moved here full-time. During our time on the island, we have discovered cousins on both sides of our family who live here also.

I have hosted several events at the campgrounds, which have brought 3 to 30+ ladies from several states to participate in Massacre Island Haunted Bike rider (4 years), Mardi Gras parades, kayaking, and DI Art trail. I love sharing our island with others.

I believe running a classwork with 30+ teenage students has prepared me to manage many personalities, to communicate, to make decisions based on the information available and to keep a cool head during heated situations. I would be honored to serve on the DIPOA board.

Ryan G. Tenney

Island Address: 317 Audubon Place

Email: rtenney@rgtenneyelectric.com

I am running for board of the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association to assist in preserving the property rights of landowners. Owners on the island should have the right to use their property freely and how they see fit as long as it does not take rights or value away from other members of the island.

I would like to see the island stay small and peaceful as it currently is. The island is great for families, retirees, and vacationers. We hope to one day retire part time to our home on the island in the East End. We have owned our home on the island since 2020 and like spending time here during the winter when work slows. Our house is primarily a rental during the warmer months, when work is busy. The option to rent our home was one of the many factors of why we bought it, and after the East End Beach Restoration we have started to upgrade it.

My professional experience is all based in construction. I started as an electrician and became a utility company lineman. During my 15 years as a lineman, I maintained and grew a small electric business. As my sons became old enough, I left the utility I worked for to run the electric company full time. Today we employ an average of 25 men and work nationwide for Federal and Aviation customers building radar, landing, navigational aids, and lighting systems on and off airfields. We also work in underground power and telco distribution, primarily with directional drilling and large conduit placement.

Jeremy Tousinau

Island Address: 909 Lafitte Place

Email: Jtousinau1@gmail.com

The DIPOA has beautiful properties and a major priority of mine is to continue the rehabilitation that is in progress, as well as making additional improvements, not only at the IDC but also at the parks. The properties can be showcased throughout the year with events for owners. In doing this, the entire community will come together through fellowship.

My first affiliation with the Island was when I was hired as a public safety officer in 2011. Since that time, I have maintained a relationship with the Island in different capacities, finally buying a home and moving to the Island full-time in 2018. During my time here, I have assisted the Town with several pressing issues, including both West and East End flooding problems. Solutions include West End driveway elevation to prevent Bienville sand and water over-wash.

My past background included serving on the board for the Stockton Fire Department in Baldwin County and managing youth camps in the same area. Additionally, I am a former Jaycee. Presently I am a full-time public safety officer on Dauphin Island and an active member of Dauphin Island Fire & Rescue, currently serving as lieutenant and paramedic. I also serve on the Board of Adjustment. I have great reasoning skills, listening skills, problem solving skills with ability to think out of the box, as well as some handyman skills. I will bring fresh insight and ideas to the group.