DIPOA Open Board Meeting, Thursday, September 16, 2021, at 6:00PM.

What’s New

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The next Board of Directors meeting of the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association will be held on:

Thursday, September 16, 2021 
6:00 pm
Lower Level – Isle Dauphine Club

All members are welcome to this open board meeting.

Current News

Info about the Lease Management …

Congratulations to the new and returning DIPOA Board of Director members:

  • Sally Acuff
  • Christine Garcia
  • Dennis Knizley

View the complete board of directors roster.

The proposed amendment (below) passed. More information will be forthcoming as communication and voting include electronic means.

PROPOSED AMENDMENT BACKGROUND: The DIPOA’s Constitution was written long before the advent of the internet, email, and web-based voting systems. Our Constitution requires that notification of annual and special meetings be given to members in writing and sent by mail through the postal service. It also requires that election ballots/proxies be submitted in writing. With 3,300 members and the cost of postage, just one mass mailing to members costs the POA $2,000 and takes numerous labor hours to complete. The Board wants to leverage current technology by giving members the option to receive electronic (email) notifications of meetings and to vote by electronic means. Options for voting could include using your telephone to call a phone number and following voice prompts, and voting online using a secure website. Members will still have the option to be notified of meetings in writing through the mail and to submit their ballots/proxies in writing, by mail, or in person at the annual meeting. The exact wording of the proposed constitutional amendment is provided below.

PURPOSE OF PROPOSED AMENDMENT: The main purpose of this amendment is to increase voter participation. In 2020 the POA received only 450 returned ballots out of over 3,000 mailed. The Board hopes this proposed change will increase voter interest and participation in annual elections by letting members choose HOW they cast their vote and by making it easier to vote. An additional advantage is it will save the Association thousands of dollars on printing and postage, and the numerous labor hours it takes to produce and mail 3,000+ ballots.

The proposed changes to the wording in the Constitution is below in bold italics:

3.7 Meeting of Members.

(c) Notices of annual or special meetings shall be given in writing or by electronic transmission to the members by the Secretary twenty (20) days in advance of the meeting. Notice may be given to the members personally, by sending a copy of the notice through the mail, postage thereon fully prepaid to the member’s postal address appearing on the books of the Association, or by electronic transmission to the member’s email address appearing in the records of the Association. Notice of each annual meeting and special meeting of the members shall specify the date, the place and the hour of the meeting, and the general nature of the business transacted.

(d) The transactions at any meeting of the members, however called or notified, shall be as valid as though had at a meeting duly held at the regular call and notice if a quorum be present in person or by proxy, if either before or after the meeting each member entitled to vote but who was not present at such meeting signs a written waiver of notice or a consent, or submits a secured electronic transmission of such waiver or consent, to the holding of such meeting or approval of the minutes thereon. All such waivers, consents or approvals shall be filed with the corporate records and made a part of the minutes of the meeting. All electronic submissions shall be filed and stored electronically with other corporate records.

6.2. Proxies and Electronic Voting. At all meetings of the Association each member entitled to vote may vote in person, by proxy, or by secured electronic transmission. All proxies shall be in writing or by secured electronic submission and shall be filed with the Secretary of the Association. A secured electronic transmission must contain or be accompanied by information from which one can reasonably determine that the member authorized the transmission and it is the member who actually votes or corresponds on the transmission.

The last meeting of the DIPOA board of directors was held May 8, 2021.

Read the full minutes of the meeting.

The last meeting of the DIPOA board of directors was held May 8, 2021.

Read the full Treasurer’s report.







The Isle Dauphine Golf Course is an 18 hole links course that was built in 1962. It is located on a 164 acre parcel overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The course is presently operated by the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association, who owns the golf course, adjacent restaurant, pool, grill, tennis court and 8,000 feet of Gulf front beach. The Association is seeking investors to finance improvements or redevelopment of the aging course, and to potentially undertake the long term management of the golf course.


See the link below for more details about the golf course and Dauphin Island.


Interested parties may contact the  Association office at dipoaoffice@gmail.com or 251-861-3144.